crossI’m Christian. But these days, that could mean anything.

People who attend a weekly social gathering call themselves Christian.
People who went to church on Easter as kids call themselves Christian.
People who are white supremacists call themselves Christian.

What does it mean to me? Being Christian means being a Christ follower. I’m a disciple. He’s my Role Model, my Savior, my Lord.

That means surrender.
That means discomfort.
That means willingly taking up an unpleasant cross daily and seeking Him before myself.
That means living a life that translates into integrity in the face of an easier path.
But that also means living a much better life.

I Think. I Love.

I don’t agree with everything I’ve ever heard at Milestone or at any other church. And that’s okay.

I’m neither a Calvinist nor an Armenian. And that’s okay.

I’m not inclined to submit to any denominations, though I unapologetically embrace the idea of having such different denominations, so long as they share a love for their brothers with different views. Anda again, that’s okay.

Christianity isn’t about universal interpretations of this doctrine or that dogma. Christianity is about the universal need for a Savior to be perfect where we are not and never could be.

There’s nothing wrong with being an independent thinker. Ultimately, we’re all responsible for how we respond to the gospel, not how we were taught or what our Great Aunt Trudy believed. But we’re also responsible for love.

I love Jesus. And if you love Him, I love you, too. And if you don’t love Him, well, I still love you all the same. I just hope you come to see how great He is soon. There is none greater, and there is no sufficient alternative.

No Alternative

A lot of religions have a lot of valid points (it’s a shame more Christians can’t cede this fact), but on the one that actually counts eternally, Jesus Christ is the only way. Or so He said. And I just happen to believe Him. That comes with the whole Lordship deal. Even if I don’t like it, His words trump my own preferences. That said, I think His love might just be way more powerful than we give it credit for.

A Christian Life

So, I’m a Christian. That’s not a bullet point on my Facebook profile; that is my profile. That’s not my answer to a survey question; that is my answer.

Christianity is my life. And frankly, if you can’t tell that from my life (in my social, business, family, and even legal affairs), then I’m doing something wrong. If you know me, nothing you’ve read on this page should come as a surprise coming from me. Not because I’ve told you before, but because my life as demonstrated it before.

Recommended Reading

The following books have, along with the Bible, helped to influence who I am and what I believe. I highly recommend them.

  • Jesus > Religion
  • Not a Fan
  • The Great Divorce
  • Mere Christianity
  • God at War
  • Satan and the Problem of Evil
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