You know… it’s fascinating.

I’ve had a personal website of some sort since 1998. They were awful back then.

Here we are, over 25 years later, and I’m now a consummate website afficionado. I make a living helping other people bring their visions to digital life.

  • As a product manager, I hone the tactics to efficiently align with budgets and measure progress against KPIs.
  • As a UX strategist, I incorporate sound design thinking and clean information architecture into their loose ideas.
  • As a solution architect, I navigate vast ships through the stormy seas of scalability, availability, and alignment.
  • As a leader and mentor, I guide my teams to reach further than me and build better than me through empathy, respect, and service.

In collaboration with some of the most brilliant colleagues I could ever dream of working alongside, I’ve built award-winning websites, complex-but-intuitive software, and robust solutions that would have made my head spin in 1998. So much has changed.

Some things haven’t. My own website is still awful.

Cobblers and shoes, you know?